Commercial Spaces

Lucile Lloyd: Manning's Cafeteria murals (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Manning's Cafeteria, Los Angeles, Calif., 1933.


Manning's Cafeterias

Manning's was a chain of cafeteria-style restaurants founded in 1908 at Seattle's Pike Place Market. Lloyd painted murals for several of their nineteen Los Angeles locations. She also designed their monogram. The franchise lasted until 1984, when the last Manning's, located in San Francisco, went out of business.


Lucile Lloyd: Manning's Cafeteria murals (Long Beach, Calif.)

Manning’s Cafeteria, Long Beach, Calif., 1931.


Lucile Lloyd: Monogram for Manning's Coffee Stores

Monogram for Manning's Coffee Stores, paint and pencil on board, ca. 1930.


Slumber Room, Ives and Warren Mortuary

Lucile Lloyd: Children's slumber room, Ives and Warren Mortuary (Pasadena, Calif.)

Slumber RoomIves and Warren Mortuary, Pasadena, Calif., 1929.

For the children's slumber room of the Ives and Warren Mortuary, Lloyd painted an array of storybook characters interspersed wtih fantastical talking flowers arranged in a decorative band, or frieze. The purpose of a slumber room was to provide a space where family members could spend time with a deceased before the public funeral, and to console the bereaved by alluding to death as sleep.


The Broadway Department Store

Lloyd painted a mural for the flagship Broadway store on the corner of Broadway and Fourth Streets in downtown Los Angeles, and created designs for several of the store's departments. She also exhibited her drawings there in 1934, in a gallery on the top floor.

Lucile Lloyd: "Mickey Mouse Goes Fishing" mural, Broadway department store (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Mickey Mouse Goes Fishing.  The Broadway department store, Los Angeles, 1934.


Lucile Lloyd: Rug department murals, Broadway department store (Los Angeles,  Calif.)

Rug department, Broadway Department Store, Los Angeles, Calif., 1934.


Commercial Spaces